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Выступление на четырнадцатой международной конференции «Software Quality Assurance Days»

7-8-9 ноября во Львове прошла Четырнадцатая Международная конференция в области обеспечения качества ПО «Software Quality Assurance Days».

SQA Days является конференцией №1 на пространстве СНГ и одним из главных мероприятий в Восточной Европе, посвященных тематике тестирования и обеспечению качества программного обеспечения. В качестве ключевых докладчиков приглашаются признанные эксперты международного класса.

На этой конференции выступил Дмитрий Горячко, Founder компании ДжазТим с докладом на английском языке “Generalization in Auto-Testing. How we put what we had into new Technological Platform XML2Selenium”.

Краткое описание доклада:

We answer a question why to generalize things and approaches in development, as well as in test automation. OOP is good way to achieve good tests, but you do not have always experts or just good enough programmers who could then support your OOP and some complicated approaches introduced during that. Also in a company you need a way to share achievements/common components. I will share how we started to develop XML2Selenium, which objections we had, how it transformed into a platform not depending even on Selenium, will show architectural aspects/paradigms inside XML2Selenium, what allows you to make your own frameworks if you need that.

I won’t just advertise a product, but concentrate on real business cases and examples from a practice, which pushed us to create something new. I believe some ideas from what we achieved provides you another look at how test automation could be organized. E.g. in XML2Selenium all artifacts, logs, screenshots, video is put on the server into separate folder, and you are able to access that just through web interface. Another good thing is integration of some approaches from Test Management into XML2Selenium reports, which allows managers do not check a status in spreadsheets, but just use the same report.
I will show you how manual QA engineer without special programming experience could create complicated tests, handling complicated things in the app.

Dzmitry Harachka At SQA Days. Generalization in Auto-Testing. How we put what we had into new Technological Platform XML2Selenium. from jazzteam

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